Rejoicing in our new Graduates

Christopher Blum
May 31, 2023

On Saturday May 6, 2023, forty-seven Augustine Institute graduates gathered at St. Thomas More Parish in Centennial, Colorado for the annual Commencement exercises. Archbishop Aquila presided over the Mass and participated in the exercises; he was accompanied by Bishop Berg of the Diocese of Pueblo and Fr. James Claver, the Augustine Institute’s chaplain.

Archbishop Aquila reminded the students of the troubling times we live in, where faith, Scripture, and the Holy Spirit often seem absent. He urged them to continue growing in faith, hope, and love, seeking heavenly remedies amidst a world that seeks human remedies. He implored the graduates to remember all we do is for the glory of the Father!

This academic year saw the graduation of eighty-five students. They will serve as leaven in the world as farmers, craftsman, elected officials, business managers, soldiers, homemakers, teachers, youth ministers, DREs, college campus ministers, Catholic apostolic workers, and permanent deacons.

The student address was delivered by Mr. Thomas Moore, a Master of Arts in Theology graduate and St. JPII Scholar. Moore will be moving with his wife Kathleen and their 3-month-old daughter, Margaret Josephine, to Sacramento, California where he will be teaching science and math at the Chesterton Academy of Sacramento. Of his time at the Augustine Institute, Moore spoke of the profound spiritual and intellectual growth he experienced. “My time at the A.I. has deeply affected my prayer life: before I came, I really did not knowhow to pray with the Scriptures, now I feel like I have been given new access to the living water of God’s word. Intellectually, the A.I. introduced me to the great wealth that modern scholarship has to offer. I believe it will prove useful in engaging my students with our faith today.”

The graduation ceremony was a momentous occasion, celebrating the achievements of students faithfully seeking wisdom. As they prepare to embark on their respective paths, these graduates will serve as beacons of faith, bringing the light of God’s love and truth to the world.


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