Ignatius Press and the Augustine Institute have partnered for an unprecedented initiative between two Catholic apostolates devoted to Catholic education to respond to today’s catechetical needs.

By combining dynamic catechetical materials with the rich faith formation and enrichment materials of the FORMED digital media library, Word of Life offers a new standard for catechetical curriculum to form students, teachers, parents, and families.

Everything you need to form students, teachers, and parents

  • Student Textbooks for both school and parish editions
  • Teacher’s Manuals for both school and parish editions
  • Short Teacher Lesson Preparation Videos
  • Student Lesson Enhancement Videos
  • Parent and family Engagement Videos through the vast resources of FORMED
  • Teacher and parent websites with additional resources for students, teachers, and families

To Get Started

Release Schedule for School & Parish Editions

  • Kindergarten: Spring 2020
  • Grades 1-5: Spring 2022
  • Grades 6 to 8: Spring 2023

Sample Videos

Introducing: Accessible Orthodoxy

Through a rich kerygmatic catechesis that both evangelizes and catechizes, the Word of Life series teaches students the truth about who they were created to be. Using a salvation history catechetical model, the series follows God’s own pedagogy of how he revealed himself to man, created us as man and woman in his own image, and continually calls us to live in close relationship with him.

Students will come to understand their place in the story of salvation with both the eyes of faith and reason. Through both the narratio of salvation history and a rich systematic catechesis, students will understand why we need a Savior, how Jesus came to fulfill the promises of the Old Testament, and why Jesus gave the Church and sacraments to his people—to draw us into a loving communion with him and each other.

The Word of Life series is a strongly Scripture-based curriculum. In addition to helping students learn the Faith through Scripture, the Word of Life series actively teaches students different ways to pray with Scripture, where they come to know and love God.

By introducing lectio divina to children, the Word of Life series helps lead them at a young age to a personal experience of reading, meditating, and praying with Scripture. The Word of Life series provides the proper understanding of God, the Church, and the sacraments within the context of who we were created to be. Using a rich liturgical catechesis, the Word of Life series helps students to appreciate the great gift of the sacraments and how they help us to more fully become the person that God created us to be.

Students learn that it is by cooperating with God’s plan for us that we will find our greatest happiness here on earth and in eternity.