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Catholic faith formation is more accessible than ever, whether you listen at home, on your commute, at the gym, or anywhere in between. Every podcast series from the Augustine Institute strives to offer you practical ways to ponder God's Word and respond to his invitation to deeper communion. From question and answer to talk-show style discussions, these podcasts for Catholic listeners will inspire souls day after day.

Experience the saints through audio dramas.

Brought to you by the Augustine Institute Radio Theatre, each award-winning audio drama lets you experience the lives of beloved Catholic saints in a whole new way. Through an enchanting combination of story, voice, music, and sound, audio dramas stir the imagination in ways other media cannot. These elements create compelling mental images, captivating listeners within a story through the power of sound.


Catholic Commentary on The Chosen

If you've been watching The Chosen and wondering what to think as a Catholic, you're in luck! Our new podcast Catholic Commentary on The Chosen allows you to dive deeper. Through insightful discussion, Augustine Institute professors Dr. Michael Barber and Dr. Scott Hefelfinger offer listeners a better understanding of how The Chosen approaches Scripture, uses creative license, and more.


The Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Entrust yourself to the mercy of God and renew your confidence in his unfathomable love when you pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. A beautiful series of prayers that Jesus Christ gave to St. Faustina Kowalska, as recorded in her diary Divine Mercy in My Soul, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy obtains great miracles of conversion and salvation. Catholics often pray this chaplet at three o'clock—the hour of mercy—and on Fridays to particularly remember Christ's Passion.


Catholic Sleep Meditation

Can't sleep? Surrender your worries to the Lord's Divine Mercy with the Catholic Sleep Meditations Podcast. Each soothing meditation slowly guides your mind to rest, swapping the day's anxieties for peaceful scenes of imaginative prayer.

Each Catholic meditation is inspired by a different Bible story or passage. Experience anew the miracles of Jesus, stories of the apostles, and prayerful reflections about biblical figures from the Old and New Testaments: Eve to Elijah, St. Paul to St. Mary Magdalene, and dozens more. Each track includes Catholic sleep meditation music so you can rest even more soundly with God's Word.


Catholic Daily Reflections with Dr. Tim Gray

Listen in every day as Dr. Tim Gray, president of the Augustine Institute and Catholic Scripture scholar, comments on the daily Catholic Mass readings, explains the Scriptures, and provides concrete ideas on how to apply them to daily life. These Catholic reflections focus on living the Catholic faith and learning to know and love the Lord through our daily endeavors and participation in liturgical worship.


Catholic Saints

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the men and women the Catholic Church officially recognize as saints? In these interviews, scripture scholars from the Augustine Institute dive into the lives of the Saints to help all the faithful come to a deeper understanding of those heroic men and women who have been transformed by the love of God. In this Catholic podcast, learn about St. Augustine, St. Monica, St. Philip Neri, St. Catherine of Siena, and many more.


Catholic Bible Study

World-renowned Catholic Scholars from the Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology lead in-depth Catholic Bible Studies to help the faithful encounter the Scriptures to further understanding and devotion to the inspired Word of God. These Bible Studies are brought to you by FORMED and are made possible by the Mission Circle giving society. Consider furthering the mission of the Augustine Institute to help Catholics understand, live, and share their faith by visiting the Mission Circle today.


Lighthouse Catholic Talks

Find wisdom from leading Catholic experts in biblical studies, evangelization, and more. No matter where you find yourself, this podcast provides signs of grace and hope.

If you enjoy Catholic books, audio dramas, the Lectio Bible studies, or Augustine Institute Short Courses, you'll love encountering the encouragement to continue finding hope and joy in Jesus Christ and his Divine Mercy in each episode. Find even more resources to foster your faith at the Augustine Institute's Catholic Market today!


The Catholic Rosary

Welcome to The Catholic Rosary podcast, your personal companion in prayer wherever you go. Our podcast is your serene sanctuary, allowing you to participate in the profound practice of the Rosary no matter your location. In each episode of The Catholic Rosary, our dedicated speaker will lead you through the gentle recitation of the Rosary, guiding your prayers and providing a peaceful rhythm to your day. With the familiar cadence of prayer beads, you can join us in this ancient tradition, enriching your spiritual journey one prayer at a time. Designed to fit seamlessly into your busy life, this podcast offers you the opportunity to pray the Rosary alongside a supportive community. Whether you're commuting, taking a walk, or finding a quiet moment at home, let our voices be your guide, bringing you closer to your faith and helping you find tranquility in the midst of life's demands.


Augustine Institute Catholic Talk Show

The Augustine Institute Show with Dr. Tim Gray is an exciting new, weekly Catholic talk show airing on Formed that brings the truth and beauty of the Gospel to Catholics all over the world. This exciting initiative is an amazing addition to the Augustine Institute’s robust and innovative programming, which aims to help Catholics understand, live, and share their faith.


Catholic Prayer & Meditation

Welcome to the Augustine Institute Catholic Prayer and Meditation podcast, where spirituality meets modern life in a journey of faith and reflection. Join us as we delve into the timeless richness of Catholic prayer and meditation, offering a sanctuary for your soul in the midst of the chaos of daily life. In each episode, we explore the profound traditions of Catholic spirituality, drawing inspiration from the teachings of saints, mystics, and the profound wisdom of the Church. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your spiritual journey, our podcast provides a welcoming space for everyone seeking a deeper connection with God.


Get Catholic answers to your important questions.

Finding podcasts worth listening to for Catholic women, men, and families can be challenging. Explore topics in Catholic life, faith and culture, and other treasures of the Roman Catholic Church. If you enjoy Fr. Mike Schmitz, Bishop Robert Barron, Scott Hahn, Edward Sri, Jeff Cavins, and other Catholic podcasts, you might like these podcast series too!