The most beautiful and readable Catholic translation of the Bible

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Why choose the ESV® Catholic Edition?



The ESV® Catholic Edition is approved by the Catholic Church. Drawing on recent archaeological discoveries, the ESV® Catholic Edition is translated directly from more reliable manuscripts of the biblical books than older English translations. It also seeks to better reflect the Church’s theological tradition, emphasizing the unity between the Old Testament and New Testament.



While the ESV® Catholic Edition offers readers a more precise translation of the biblical texts, it is also recognized for its beautiful, accessible prose. Instead of using archaic English, its clear and elegant English offers readers a fresh experience of God’s Word, enabling the Bible’s meaning to come alive for readers in new ways.



Faithful to the meaning of the original Hebrew and Greek, this translation offers readers a more precise rendering of the actual words, language, and images used by the biblical writers. It seeks to translate the Bible’s meaning word for word rather than through a general paraphrase. In this, the ESV® Catholic Edition follows the translation principles set forth in Church documents such as Liturgiam authenticam.

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