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Tuition per course | 2023—2024 Academic Year

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No Hidden Fees

At the Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology, we believe in a “no hidden fees” approach to billing. This means that our students pay a flat rate for tuition and do not receive additional charges for new student fees, technology fees, on-campus activities, or graduation.

In addition, students who require a leave of absence in order to address medical issues, family emergencies, financial hardships, etc., will not be charged a “leave of absence” fee for the period in which they are not enrolled in classes. We understand that unforeseen hardships surface and do not wish to penalize our students for life’s unexpected circumstances.

With the aim of full transparency, the Augustine Institute seeks to simplify our presentation of the cost of tuition. Students can therefore expect a single bill each term for tuition. The only other expense associated with coursework is the cost of textbooks.


Students are expected to gain access to their own books. The number of required texts varies per course. Students may expect to spend on average $75—$100 per course to purchase required textbooks.

Cost of Living

If you are considering moving to Denver, please discuss with your Admissions Counselor the subsidized housing options available to full-time on-campus students.

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