Augustine Institute

Visit Our Campus

Discern Graduate School

Often a campus visit is one of the clearest factors in a prospective student’s discernment of graduate studies.

Whether you are a prospective on-campus or distance education student, we invite you to visit our academic community, located on 284 acres overlooking the Missouri River just north of St. Louis.

Learn more about our common life of study and prayer by visiting our On Campus page.

Your Options

Campus visit retreats are offered twice each fall and spring semester and are designed specifically for prospective students. We highly recommend attending a campus visit retreat for the most robust experience of our community. Alternatively, you may wish to visit on a weekday suitable to your own schedule.  You will find details on both options below.

Campus Visit Retreat

  • Stay 1-2 nights in the Residence Towers
  • Attend retreat-specific seminars on a  theological topic hosted by a faculty member
  • Discern graduate studies at the feet of our eucharistic Lord in adoration and Holy Mass.
  • Join a walking tour of campus with one of our student ambassadors, along with recreational activities
  • Enjoy a festive dinner with professors and students

Choose a Visit Day

  • Meet with admissions to answer questions and discuss on-campus or distance study
  • Attend Holy Mass
  • Enjoy lunch in the dining hallSit in on a class (if in session)
  • Walk the campus grounds with a student ambassador
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