Academic Experience

On-Campus in Denver

Devoted to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.              
—Acts 2:42 

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Explore the Denver Experience

Our on-campus program combines rigorous academic study, the shared pursuit of holiness, and apostolic action in Denver’s rich Catholic community. The majority of our on-campus students move to Denver to study full-time for two years, in which they are formed by our distinguished faculty, the Church’s primary sources, and the Divine Teacher himself. The life of the institute centers around the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, offered daily by our full-time chaplain. Many on-campus students work in ministry to gain practical experience. Many also live together in student housing, providing ample opportunity for theological discussion. Students enjoy recreation and contemplate the beauty of creation in the nearby Rocky Mountains.


Distinctive Elements of Our On-Campus M.A. Programs

Seminar-Style Courses

The required courses for both the M.A. in Theology and the M.A. in Leadership for the New Evangelization offer a rigorous handing-on of Christian doctrine. For full-time students in Denver, some of our courses are offered in a seminar format that emphasizes guided conversation, active participation, and a tailored pedagogy.

Theology Seminar and Leadership Seminar

On-campus students in both M.A. programs are required to attend a weekly, one-credit seminar in all four semesters of their course of study.

The Theology Seminar helps students draw together the themes treated across the curriculum into a coherent, synthetic vision of theological wisdom. The Leadership Seminar focuses on the students’ experiences in their apostolic internships and on sharpening the theological, spiritual, and professional tools they need to enter fruitfully into ecclesial work.

Features of Our Community

Our Building

St. Augustine Chapel:
 Daily Mass; Eucharistic adoration; open for prayer during business hours.  

Tolle Lege Café:
 Study and meeting areas; gift shop; lunch with fellow students and faculty

Faculty Wing: Tea room; faculty doors open to students; students welcome to drop in to  discuss faith and academics

Library: Archbishop Aquila Library on-site; access to St. John Vianney Seminary and  Denver seminary libraries; Coming soon: a brand new library on our second  floor  

Sacraments &
Spiritual Life

Full-Time chaplain: Fr. James Claver of the  Servants of Christ Jesus

Daily Mass

Confession: Offered Regularly

Adoration: Exposition and benediction most  mornings

Spiritual Direction: By request

Student Life & Events

Mountain Getaway:  Beginning of each academic year, students,  faculty, and faculty families attend spiritual talks and go hiking in  Colorado Rockies, creating fellowship.

Open Mic Night: Once a month at Tolle Lege  Café, students and faculty share their talents.

Spiritual Conferences:
Three times a semester; includes dinner, Vespers, and spiritual discussion by  faculty and/or chaplain

Student Housing: Female and male houses are  available for incoming students in nearby neighborhood; live in a community  of faith with other students.

Student Jobs:
Typically, 15 hours per week in departments like STUDIOS, FORMED, Academics, etc.

Faculty- and Student-Led Events: Informal  events organized by faculty and students, including saints’ parties, dinners,  and brunches

Life in Denver

Parishes and Apostolates: Denver has a rich  Catholic community with thriving parishes, schools, religious orders, and missionary  apostolates.

Hiking and Camping:
 Surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation, students often take the  opportunity to exercise and explore.

Right outside our windows to the west; several ski resorts are within an easy  drive.

City Scene:
Denver has an abundance of restaurants, craft breweries, and professional  sports teams. It also boasts a professional symphony and multiple theatre  companies.