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Love the Truth

Join us in bearing witness to the truth. Grow in the Catholic Faith with confidence and joy, without fear or apology.

Love God with All Your Mind

The Augustine Institute exists to help men and women to know God better; to love God, we must first know him.

Love God with All Your Heart

The Augustine Institute exists to help men and women to know God better so that they may love him more deeply.

Love Your Neighbor

You are called to share the Faith, but where to begin? Our programs and publications help you to pass on the Faith through insightful teaching, moving stories, and attractive imagery.

Be Not Afraid

You have friends, perhaps children, who have left the Church. Mass attendance is down. The culture is lost and starved of wonder. Yet victory is secure. The cross only looked like defeat. The Augustine Institute is fixed in fidelity to Christ. Confident that only Divine Truth satisfies human longing, we champion the full and beautiful teachings of the Church not to be hoarded privately, but to be taught, made accessible, and shared.

Understand the Faith

The Augustine Institute is bringing people to know and love God. From our foundation as a leading Catholic graduate school of theology, we've grown to become an educational apostolate defending and promoting the history and teachings of the Church through traditional and new media. We form leaders and grow the faithful.
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Live the Faith

Knowledge of God changes us. It grows our capacity to love God and others and creates a desire to be immersed in the Divine Truth, making it our first priority. You'll find a friendly community of Catholics here, as well as materials and programs to help you and others enter more deeply into the life of faith.
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Share the Faith

To paraphrase Chesterton, the moment you are fair to the Church, you begin to grow fond of it. Those who resist Catholic teaching do so mainly by walling themselves off from it. We help parishes and individual Catholics assess and share faithful and compelling content.
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Support the Faith

Please help us to reach people who thirst for Christ's love and long to encounter the beauty of the Gospel. Rather than freeze or retreat from the work that needs to be done, we're moving out into world without fear. With God all things are possible.

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