A New Curriculum for
the New Evangelization

The New Evangelization requires a new apologetics, that is, a defense of the faith that responds to the questions that believers and non-believers alike are asking today with philosophical and theological arguments rooted in Sacred Scripture, Catholic Tradition, and the best philosophical reflection available. Why Believe? offers just such a new apologetics and in a format that appeals to our contemporary desire for beauty.A year-long apologetics course, Why Believe? is intended for the use in the senior year of Catholic and independent high schools as well as by home educators and in home-school cooperatives. The curriculum consists of:

  • A two-volume textbook set
  • 60 short-form videos produced by the award-winning Augustine Institute Studios (available at formed.org/whybelieve).
  • A Teacher’s Manual

The textbooks and videos are marked by significant works of art, literature, and Sacred Scripture, offering teachers the opportunity to enliven the student’s experience of the apologetic material.

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