Scott Hefelfinger

Dr. Hefelfinger serves as assistant professor of Theology in the Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology. He teaches in the areas of moral and dogmatic theology, specializing in Catholic social thought, marriage and family, and the theology of the interior life. After undergraduate studies in music composition, Dr. Hefelfinger went on to do graduate work in theology at the International Theological Institute in Austria. He then returned to the United States to complete his doctorate in moral theology at the University of Notre Dame. A regular participant at academic conferences, Dr. Hefelfinger presents his work regularly at academic conferences and has published with Catholic University of America Press and in academic journals. His current research includes a manuscript on the common good and international society, an article on marital friendship, and a primer on Catholic social teaching.

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Journal Articles


The More the Merrier

January 28, 2022
“The more the merrier!” Most often, I gleefully toss out the phrase as my wife and I plan a get together of one sort or another: brunch, afternoon coffee, dinner party. My mind fixes upon conversation to be had and the particular contribution each person will bring to it . . .