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Short Courses

Augustine Institute Short Courses equip Catholics to understand, live, and share their Catholic faith.

Love the Lord with all your mind

Short Courses will help you love the Lord “with all your mind” as you explore the riches of the Catholic faith.

The courses are taught by Augustine Institute graduate school professors in an engaging, self-paced, and in-depth format. Subscribe now for only $23 per month!

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Short Courses

Jesus and the Gospels

This course will show how the Gospels reveal the person of Jesus Christ and his mission, and provide principles for reading the gospels more deeply.

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Letters of St. Paul

This course will introduce the theology of St. Paul and discuss many of the most important themes found in his letters – salvation, Jesus’ fulfillment of the covenant, and the Church as the body of Christ.

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The Story of the Old Testament

This course provides an overview of the story of salvation in the Old Testament, and equips students to read the Old Testament on their own.

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