Equip your parish to confidently understand, live, and share the Catholic faith with Symbolon: The Faith of the Church.

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After its debut 10 years ago, the Augustine Institute's foundational faith formation series Symbolon is new, refreshed, and more relatable than ever.
Symbolon: The Faith of the Church guides viewers through the core teachings of the faith, from the beginning of salvation history to present-day parishes. Designed to offer you and your parishioners a fuller understanding of the truths and beauty of the faith, this new series is ideal for your OCIA classes, adult faith formation programs, Bible study groups, and parish small groups.

Empower yourself and your parish with the expert teachings of Augustine Institute theologians to communicate the richness of the faith to new and existing Catholics alike. The glory of the Church is closer than you think.

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Experience the unity, beauty, and vitality of the Church.

Journey through the core dogmas, doctrines, and traditions of the Church using the Creed as a guide.

All the resources you need, from the partners you trust.

Inspire discussion between catechists and participants through participant guides, leader's resources, and supplemental materials available for purchase.

Find ready-made promotional resources for your parish.

Be equipped to share the goodness of the Catholic faith in a way that's accessible, understandable, and livable—we're here to help!

Meet the Hosts

Taylor Kemp

A former professional soccer player who converted to Catholicism, Taylor serves as the vice president of content at the Augustine Institute. He shares his journey to the Catholic Church in his Lighthouse Talks testimony.

Noelle Garcia

A Catholic recording artist, speaker, wife, and mother of six children. She travels the country sharing the faith through witness, Scripture, catechesis, and music.

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