This book is a Flip book. One side is English (94 pages). Flip the book over and the other side is Spanish (100 pages). Perfect for a bilingual community.

Each side of the book covers:

Who are the true benefactors of the human race? Explorers? Scientists? Revolutionaries? Rebels against established authority? . . . or the saints?

Saints for Our Times/Santos Para Hoy explores in detail four of the leaders who led the Church’s rebirth from the ashes of Renaissance decadence and the turbulence and confusion caused by the Protestant Reformation. The saints of the Catholic Reformation show us just how powerful—and beautiful—is the human heart’s free response to God’s generous grace.

Dive deeper into the lives of four beloved saints:

• St. Ignatius of Loyola
• St. Francis Xavier
• St. Teresa of Avila
• St. John of the Cross

Note: This book is excerpted from the book True Reformers: Saints of the Catholic Reformation

Learn more about the saints of the Reformation in the series True Reformers, here.

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