"Be perfect, as the heavenly Father is perfect" (Mt 5, 48), is an echo of the request that Leviticus made to the Jewish people in ancient times: "Be holy, because I Yahweh, your God, am a holy God "(Lev 11, 44-45).

When Jesus or Sacred Scripture invites us to this perfection in acting or holiness in the likeness of our God who has created us in his image and likeness (Gen 1, 26), it immediately springs to mind, is this possible? Isn't that an inordinate assignment out of the reach of the average person?

Holiness is one of the ways in which the God of the Old Testament showed himself to his people, although Israel always interpreted it as a distancing, in Jesus it is rather the way in which God transforms us into creatures similar to his Son.

The church is Holy because its founder, Christ, is Holy and because the Holy Spirit, its guide and support, is Holy. Christians are called to this docility to the Holy Spirit so that the presence of the Lord who gives the Sanctifying Spirit may be shown to the world.

And who has been docile to that plan in communion with Jesus and faithful to the Holy Spirit? Mary, always faithful and docile to God. Father Ernesto María Caro, makes a journey in this process by which Mary was always the Full of Grace, the one who said Yes to the Lord, the first to do "everything Jesus told her" (Jn 2,5).

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