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Cardinal Stafford Library

The primary library resource for the faculty and students of the Augustine Institute is the Cardinal Stafford Library of St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver. Through the Institute’s cooperative agreement with the Seminary, students may apply for borrowing privileges, borrow books by U.S. mail and through interlibrary loan, and access the electronic databases to which the Stafford Library subscribes. To apply for a library card, students must complete this form (PDF) to the Cardinal Stafford Library in person. Moreover, students interested in researching through the electronic databases should review the Cardinal Stafford Library’s Research Guide.


  1. The EBSCO Research Database is located at To log in, students will need to use AI’s Username and Password.
  2. Choose EBSCOHost Web or WebEBSCOHost Integrated Search.
  3. EBSCOHost Web allows you to search the databases that the library has purchased.
  4. EBSCOHost Integrated Search allows you to search all the databases, including WorldCat as well as the Cardinal Stafford Library’s Catalog.
  5. Once you click on the service you want to use, you can start searching the database.

To find out more about how to use the EBSCOHost system, see

Resource Request/Interlibrary Loan

In order to successfully fill your request for a book or resource from the Cardinal Stafford Library, you must have previously applied for and received a library card (notification by email indicates receipt). You may apply for a library card here. You will receive your document by email if you have requested a book chapter, book review, article, or the like.  If you have requested a book, however, the Library will likely use the United States Postal Service. Click here to fill out the request form.