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History of Graduate School

Denver has a special role in the story of the Catholic Church

Our Origins reach back...

... to Pope St. John Paul II’s summons to the New Evangelization during his 1993 celebration of World Youth Day in Denver. Inspired by the Holy Father’s challenge to bear bold witness to Christ, a group of Catholic scholars and educators founded the Augustine Institute in 2005, as a graduate school dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel in the modern world.

While we have grown ...

... as an apostolate engaging in rich content for families, parishes, and schools, our core purpose and identity remain that of a faithful and prestigious graduate school. Our Denver location has grown into an intellectual and spiritual hub. Students, professionals, families, clergy, and visitors routinely come to our coffee shop and our Masses, seeking fellowship and spiritual sustenance.

Because of the thirst and hunger,

our community and graduate school have grown and are growing still. We are adding more faculty; building a new library, a bigger chapel, and a better student lounge; and developing more classes in Greek and philosophy.

While our foundation is that of a flourishing and in-person graduate school, we were one of the first institutions of our kind to embrace new digital tools to expand our reach in support of the New Evangelization with distance-education degrees and courses.

Many of the Distance-education

students have full-time jobs—often in ecclesial or apostolic settings—and many are caring for children or other dependents. Such students would find it difficult or impossible to pursue an MA in a traditional, on-campus program. Distance education allows them to flourish in their studies without moving to Denver or giving up jobs or family responsibilities.

The Augustine Institute is a lay Catholic apostolate

that maintains a mutually supportive relationship with the local particular church, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Denver. The members of the graduate school recognize that the task of giving an authentic interpretation of the Word of God, whether in its written form or in the form of Tradition, has been entrusted to the living, teaching office of the Church alone”
(Dei Verbum, 10).

Immerse yourself in Sacred Scripture

In all programs of study,

the Augustine Institute’s curriculum is designed to lead students to immerse themselves in Sacred Scripture—God’s self-revelation—accompanied by the Fathers, Doctors, and saints of the Church. In this way, we strive to be formed by the Word of God in fidelity to the living Magisterium.

The Augustine Institute’s curriculum,

therefore, places its emphasis on the Bible and relies on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, while also taking care to form students practically for apostolic work.

Many of our graduates,

use their degrees in diocesan or parish work, primary or secondary Catholic education, and other apostolic or mission-oriented contexts. Some of our graduates go on for further academic study.


When it comes to education at Augustine, you have options.

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From the annual Mountain Getaway with our faculty, to internship opportunities with local apostolates, our campus in Denver puts you on the front lines of the New Evangelization.
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