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Count on the Augustine Institute to provide faithful, engaging, and inspirational content to help their parishioners meet Christ.


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Around the World count on the Augustine Institute for videos, talks, books, and studies through FORMED- our online platform.

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Have chosen to partner with the Augustine Institute in mission to boldly proclaim the Gospel through our platforms and programs.

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We are proud to announce the Mission Circle - an innovative partnership of our trusted supporters who commit to prayer and support for the work of the Augustine Institute. Join for only $10 or more per month and receive free books, videos, and more!

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Our mission is to help Catholics understand, live, and share their faith, and we are blessed to join with generous partners to increase our reach and multiply our efforts. Your gift will go to support critical new initiatives we believe will have a significant impact on the culture for Christ:

  • More Great Content on FORMED

    New films, documentaries, series, and studies to help Catholics grow in their faith and gain understanding and confidence.

  • Innovative New Program Millennials

    The Millenial generation is leaving the Faith in record numbers, and we must do something about it. We're hard at work with a solution, and your support will increase the speed of our efforts - and the ability to create even better content.

  • A Full PK through 8th Grade Curriculum

    The faith of our young people is critically important, and we must work to create new inroads earlier in their lives. We are hard at work developing a comprehensive Pre-Kindergarten through 8th-grade curriculum that will help them connect...and stay connected to the Church.

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As a not-for-profit organization, the Augustine Institute truly relies on your generosity. If you are an existing partner of our work – thank you. And if you are considering becoming a supporter in this important mission of evangelization, thank you. Your faith moves mountains – and we are excited about the potential to join in this great mission of Evangelization together.