Accreditation Status

The Augustine Institute is an associate member of the Association of Theological Schools (, an independent body that accredits programs in graduate theological education across the United States.

In June 2014, the Board of Commissioners of the Commission on Accrediting of ATS admitted the Institute to candidacy for full membership.

During its period of candidacy, the Augustine Institute is undertaking a comprehensive institutional evaluation and self-study. At the end of that process, which is expected to take twelve to eighteen months, the Board of Commissioners will again vote on the Institute's status. A favorable judgment would accord the Institute full accreditation.

The Augustine Institute will receive a site visit from the Association of Theological Schools from September 21 through 24. Should you wish to make a comment about the Institute's performance with respect to the Standards of Accreditation (, kindly email them to the Academic Dean: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Augustine Institute
Self Study Report

Statement of Institutional Effectiveness

The Graduate School of Theology of the Augustine Institute closely monitors the academic progress of its students toward the Master of Arts degree and also regularly surveys its students and alumni about their vocation and career placement and goals. The principal means of these evaluation are the annual Student Audit and annual Alumni Survey, conducted by the Registrar and the Director of Development respectively.

The June 2014 Student Audit revealed that 62% of current students are already employed in active ministry or teaching. Moreover, 3 in 4 current students are studying part-time, as they balance the demands of family and career with their studies. As a result, leaves of absence are common and withdrawals from the program not uncommon. The rate of completion of the Master of Arts program, accordingly, is approximately 50%.

The most recent Alumni Survey (Summer 2014) had a response rate of 34%, and revealed that 94% of respondents use their degree professionally or in a volunteer capacity.

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve its program, the Institute's annual plan for academic assessment is approved by its Board of Trustees each autumn, with the assessment cycle being completed by the faculty in the month of May. During the 2014-15 academic year, the faculty will be evaluating programmatic goals in Sacred Scripture, Theology, Leadership, and Spiritual Maturity.

To see the Institute’s Programmatic Goals for its two Master of Arts programs, look here.