Augustine Institute Catechist Certification:
User Instructions


Thank you for using the Augustine Institute Catechist Certification!

If you don’t have a Catechist Certification account, please choose the “Self Register” link and create an account now. You will need the Catechist Certification Join Code provided to you by your parish or diocesan administrator in order to join the correct group. Please contact your parish or diocesan administrator if you do not know your Catechist Certification Join Code.

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Quiz Instructions
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  1. 1) Login to the Catechist Certification classroom. Your quiz assignments will be listed under the “Pending” tab. Please take the quizzes in order:
    1. Symbolon Part One: Sessions 1-10
    2. Symbolon Part Two: Sessions 1-10
    3. Catechetical Methods: Sessions 1-6
  2. 1) Please watch the video(s) at the beginning of the quiz before proceeding to the questions.
  3. If your group would like to have a discussion after the videos, there will be a downloadable PDF immediately after the videos for your optional use.
  4. Each quiz contains 10 questions, and each question is worth one point. There is only one correct answer for each question.
  5. As you answer the questions, you may not go back to a previous question. However, you may mark questions and review all your answers before submitting the quiz.
  6. You must earn a passing score of 80% or higher on each quiz in order to pass this catechist certification training course. If you fail to earn a score of 80%, please review your answers and choose the Try Again button to retake the quiz.
  7. All completed quizzes will be listed under the “Completed” tab, and all quizzes that are not yet completed are listed under the “Pending” tab.
  8. To earn your completion certificate, you must complete all 24 quizzes. Once you have earned a passing score on all quizzes, inform your administrator.