Adult Faith Formation Videos

Augustine Institute Studios produces some of the most compelling video programs for adult faith formation. Symbolon, used by thousands of parishes as part of their RCIA programs, was the first of a growing number of video productions. God is using these videos to change people’s hearts, and we hear stories of marriages saved, faith reawakened, and conversions. And none of this is possible without the support of generous donors like you.


Setting a New Standard for Catholic Video Production

The award-winning Beloved marriage preparation and marriage enrichment program answers a deeply-felt need in the Church for an attractive, authentic presentation of marriage that not only explains the teaching, but explores the real challenges faced by married couples. Hundreds of benefactors supported the production of Beloved, which is touching thousands of lives today. And this is just one example of the work made possible by donors like you.

Your support of video production at the Augustine Institute will have an immediate and lasting impact.

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