Note: Email addresses for staff end with, unless noted below.

Main Phone Line: (303) 937-4420

Name Title Ext. Email
Akers, Ben Assistant Dean | Professor ben.akers
Arend, Rebecca Student Worker
Beckman, Jim Associate Professor 108 jim.beckman
Blum, Dr. Chris Academic Dean | Professor 142 christopher.blum
Bushman, Douglas Associate Professor 143 douglas.bushman
Cerulli, Aurora Video Production Coordinator 137 aurora.cerulli
Cotugno, Sarah Student Worker 138 sarah.cotugno
Dalton, Sean Director, YDisciple 141 sean.dalton
de Solenni, Dr. Pia Associate Dean piadesolenni
Delaney, Don Chief Development Officer 913 delaney
DeLapp, Julia Student Worker
Donaldson, Dan Director of Sales & Strategic Partnerships dan.donaldson
Ervin, Jon Video 146 jon.ervin
Farrell, Ryan Student Worker ryan.farrell
Flanigan, Steve Executive Producer 115 steve.flanigan
Frech, Alycia Student Worker
Fredericksen, Jodi Web Production Specialist 127 jodi.fredericksen
Giszczak, Dr. Mark Assistant Professor 132 mark
Graves, Constance Student Worker
Gray, Christina Graphic Designer 101 christina.gray
Gray, Dr. Tim President | Associate Professor 102 tim.gray
Hall, Samantha Student Worker
Haynie, Travis Video travis.haynie
Herrman, Dr. Tim Professor of Theology 104 tim.herrman
Hettinger, Stacy Operations & Support Lead, YDisciple 112 stacy.hettinger
Innerst, Sean Professor sean.innerst[at]
Ketter, Denise Development Assistant 125 denise.ketter
Kraft, Brenda Director, Media Production 107 brenda.kraft
Krekeler, Matthew Video Production matthew.krekeler
Leddick, Justin Video 120 justin
Lenshek, Damian Director, Development 128 damian.lenshek
Logan, Kristi Registrar 103 kristi.logan
Mallory, Kevin Video 119 kevin.mallory
Mast, Ted Video 124 ted.mast
McCarthy, Dennis Web Tech Manager 113 dennis.mccarthy
McCusker, Paul Senior Director, Content Creation paul.mccusker
Menning, Justin Staff Accountant 126 justin.menning
Mosher, Kristen Controller 140 kristen.mosher
Murray, Katie Director of Admissions 110 kathryn.murray
Myers, Jane Graphic Designer 139 jane.myers
Oravetz, Chris Director of Student Services and Registrar 103 christopher.oravetz
Pawelek, Elizabeth Student Worker elizabeth.pawelek
Pollice, Lucas Associate Director, Symbolon 114 lucas.pollice
Riley, Fr. John Chaplain 111 jjriley61[at]
Roy, Annemarie Assistant to Dr. Sri 145 annemarie.roy
Schlosser, Rosalin Student Worker rosalin
Schmidt, John Video 130
Sehorn, Dr. John Assistant Professor john.sehorn
Smith, Sylvia Librarian library
Sri, Dr. Edward Associate Professor 109 edward.sri
Stacey, Sara Student Worker sara.stacey
Telthorst, Angela

Sr. Development Officer

117 angela
Walsh, Darren Chief Operating Officer 150 darren.walsh
Warner, Gina Director of Marketing 105 gina.warner
Whaley, Andrew Tolle Lege Coffee Bar 134 andrew
tim-gray3 Dr. Tim Gray
Ext. 102
Darren Walsh
Chief Operating Officer
Ext. 150
profile-placeholder-male Angela Telthorst

Sr. Development Officer

Ext. 117
profile-placeholder-male Kristen Mosher
Ext. 140
profile-placeholder-male Justin Menning
Staff Accountant
Ext. 126
profile-placeholder-male Fr. John Riley
Ext. 111
Parish Programs
edward-sri1 Dr. Ted Sri
Vice President of Mission & Outreach
Ext. 109
profile-placeholder-male Lucas Pollice
Associate Director, Symbolon
Ext. 114
profile-placeholder-male Sean Dalton
Director, YDisciple
Ext. 141
profile-placeholder-male Dan Donaldson
Director of Program Implementation, FORMED
Ext. TBD
profile-placeholder-male Stacy Hettinger
Operations & Support Lead, YDisciple
Ext. 112
profile-placeholder-male Annemarie Roy
Admin Assistant to Dr. Sri
Ext. 145
Graduate School
chris-blum3 Dr. Chris Blum
Academic Dean
Ext. 142
piadesolenni Dr. Pia de Solenni
Associate Dean
(714) 620-7825
akers_ben Prof. Ben Akers
Assistant Dean
profile-placeholder-male Chris Oravetz
Director of Student Services and Registrar
Ext. 103
profile-placeholder-male Katie Murray
Director of Admissions
Ext. 110
profile-placeholder-male Sylvia Smith
profile-placeholder-male Sarah Cotugno
Student Worker
Ext. 138
profile-placeholder-male Don Delaney
Chief Development Officer
Ext. 913
profile-placeholder-male Damian Lenshek
Director of Development
Ext. 128
profile-placeholder-male Denise Ketter
Development Assistant
Ext. 125
Tolle Lege Coffee Bar
profile-placeholder-male Andrew Whaley
Manager, Tolle Lege Coffee Bar
Ext. 134
profile-placeholder-male Elizabeth Pawelek
Student Worker
Ext. 134
profile-placeholder-male Sara Stacey
Student Worker
Ext. 134
Film Production
profile-placeholder-male Steve Flanigan
Executive Producer
Ext. 115
profile-placeholder-male Justin Leddick
Creative Director of Media Production
Ext. 120
profile-placeholder-male Kevin Mallory
Associate Director of Video Production
Ext. 119
profile-placeholder-male Ted Mast
Producer of Video Curriculum
Ext. 124
profile-placeholder-male Travis Haynie
Production Control Room & Camera Operator
profile-placeholder-male John Schmidt
Video Editor
Ext. 130
profile-placeholder-male Jon Ervin
Video Editor
Ext. 146
profile-placeholder-male Aurora Cerulli
Production Coordinator
Ext. 137
profile-placeholder-male Matthew Krekeler
Video Production
Content Creation
profile-placeholder-male Paul McCusker
Senior Director of Content Creation
Media & Print Production
profile-placeholder-male Brenda Kraft
Director of Media & Print Production
Ext. 107
profile-placeholder-male Jane Myers
Graphic Designer
Ext. 139
profile-placeholder-male Christina Gray
Graphic Designer
Ext. 101
Marketing / Web Production
profile-placeholder-male Gina Warner
Director of Marketing
Ext. 150
profile-placeholder-male Dennis McCarthy
Web Tech Manager
Ext. 113
profile-placeholder-male Jodi Fredericksen
Web Production Specialist
Ext. 127
Defeating the Inner Hypocrite

Executive Team

tim-gray3 Dr. Tim Gray
Ext. 102
edward-sri1 Dr. Ted Sri
Vice President of Mission & Outreach
Ext. 109
chris-blum3 Dr. Chris Blum
Academic Dean
Ext. 142
DSC_0098t Darren Walsh
Chief Operating Officer
Ext. 150