January Intensive Courses: January 9-13, 2017

Christian Marriage Profs. De Solenni and Therrien St. Clare (on-campus only)
Jesus & the Gospels Profs. Sehorn and Gray St. Francis (on-campus only; recorded for use in the spring term as a distance education course from January through May)

Spring 2017 Course Offerings

Salvation History Prof. Sri via Distance Education (DE)
The Creed Prof. Akers On Campus Thursdays 9-12 (St. Clare) and via DE
Jesus & the Gospels Prof. Sehorn On Campus Thurs 9-12 (St. Francis but not filmed) / DE
Evangelization Ancient World Prof. Sehorn via DE
Moral & Spiritual Theology Prof. De Solenni via DE
The Church & Modernity Prof. Staudt On Campus Thursdays 2-5 and via DE
Mystagogy Prof. Innerst On Campus Wednesdays 9-12 and via DE
Pauline Literature Prof. Giszczak On Campus Fridays 9-12 and via DE
Virtue, Happiness, & the Common Good Prof. Blum On Campus Wednesdays 2-5 and via DE
Theology of the New Evangelization Prof. Bushman On Campus Mondays 9-12 and via DE
Catechesis for the New Evangelization Prof. Pollice On Campus Tuesdays 9-12 and via DE
Leadership for the New Evangelization Prof. Beckman On Campus Mondays 2-5 and via DE
Leadership Seminar and Practicum Prof. Beckman On Campus only Mondays 12:45 – 1:45
MASTER COURSES tba On Campus selected Tuesdays 2-5

Intensive Courses: June 19-23

Conscience, Truth, & Charity: Social Teaching Benedict XVI Prof. Blum / Rev. P. N. Check
Mystagogy Prof. Innerst

Intensive Courses: June 26-30

St. Francis de Sales & the Devout Life Prof. John Mortensen
Liturgy & the New Evangelization Rev. D. Cardo / Mr. Adam Bartlett

Summer Term (* = Recorded Lectures for DE only)

*Salvation History Prof. Sri
*The Creed Prof. Akers
*Pauline Literature Prof. Giszczak
*Mystagogy Prof. Innerst
*Church & Modernity Prof. Staudt
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