New Students at the Augustine Institute:
Sowing Seeds for the Church in the Modern World

This Fall we are pleased to welcome over 100 new students: the largest incoming class at the Augustine Institute to date. Joining us are eighty new students studying with us at a distance, from Washington State to Washington D.C. We are also delighted to welcome seven new international students, among them our first from the Bahamas and South Africa.

The members of this impressive incoming class are deeply committed to the apostolic work needed of disciples of Christ. The majority of distance students we polled are involved in apostolic work at some level. Many work as parish or diocesan directors, while others work in apostolates speaking and teaching, and still others generously volunteer time at their parish as catechists.

Julie Fellay, a confirmation Catechist in Nassau, Bahamas, said that “teaching confirmation for the last nine years has been one of life’s greatest blessings!” She felt compelled to pursue a degree because she wanted to pass on the Word of God and the Doctrine of the Faith, not “merely my personal thoughts.”
On our campus in Denver we are joined by thirty new students coming to us from fine institutions that have sent others before them, including Benedictine College, Thomas Aquinas College, Franciscan University, the University of St. Thomas in Houston, and St. Gregory’s.

Our on-campus students also arrive with notable backgrounds in teaching, pro-life work, and campus ministry to name a few. Many have jumped into internships in the Denver metro area with roles at Machebeuf High School, Endow, Catholic Charities, JPII Outdoor Lab, Catholic Young Adult Sports, and a variety of parish support roles.

Michael Bertotti, graduate of Thomas Aquinas College ’08, spent the last two years teaching high school religion in Southern California when he decided to pursue a Master’s Degree. His noble decision to leave everything and follow the Lord grew out of an awareness of his need for deeper spiritual and intellectual formation to bear fruit in his apostolate. He is currently doing a practicum at Machebeuf High School because one day he hopes to inspire and instruct others in the authentic mission of Catholic education.

We are grateful to begin this new year with a fabulous host of new students!
St. Augustine, Pray for Us!

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for the Augustine Institute, please don’t hesitate to contact Admissions for further information. 303-937-4420 ext 163 or