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Need-Based Scholarships

Need-based scholarships are now available for on-campus and distance education students. For more information or questions on applying for a need-based scholarship, contact the Registrar’s Office at

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Available Funds

St. Nicholas Scholarship Fund

The St. Nicholas Scholarship Fund provides tuition assistance to Augustine Institute students who are unable to make their tuition payments either because of personal or family financial stress or due to an income that does not suffice to support the needs of their families. To be eligible for the fund, a student must have completed a minimum number of courses (typically six) with good academic progress (3.00 GPA) and be able to demonstrate financial need.

Mother Teresa Scholarship Fund

The Mother Teresa Scholarship Fund provides tuition assistance to distance education students of the Augustine Institute who are currently serving in positions of great strategic importance for the New Evangelization but cannot afford to make tuition payments. The Fund is designed particularly for students serving recent immigrants, the urban poor, and other under-served locations such as Indian reservations and European countries in need of evangelization.

To learn more and to apply, contact Barbara Marchbank at