The World Needs Christ

Here at the Augustine Institute, our mission is to help Catholics understand, live, and share their faith—and we’ve been hard at work during this crisis to bring millions across the globe amazing Catholic content so they can engage with their faith at home. Our world is facing a challenging time—but we will be stronger together.

You Are Invited to be a Strategic Partner

You are invited to become our strategic partner through the Mission Circle – a group of faithful men and women who have come together to do something amazing for their fellow Catholics. A commitment to bringing the Gospel and all the fullness of His Church by pledging to give and pray just a little bit more each month.

Together We Will Bring Hope

The world needs Christ, and we need your support to bring him to households worldwide. Our FORMED team is extending a complimentary 40-day subscription so millions of Catholics can enjoy watching, reading, and listening to Catholic content for free during this crisis.

Your partnership will help us continue to bring millions of Catholics life-changing content. With a monthly gift of $10 or more, you will bring hope to Catholics around the globe and help strengthen their hearts during this challenging time.

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Benefits of the Mission Circle

In gratitude, we are honored to send you copies of our latest books, short videos to inspire your own journey, and an inside seat at the table of renewal in the Church. 

Together we can bring about a New Evangelization – a great effort to help Catholics grow in their faith… and then transform the world.



Our Favorite Books
Twice a Year

Great books help us encounter our faith, so we’re excited to send you two of our best titles each year.


Exclusive Mission
Circle Discounts

As a faithful partner, you will receive an exclusive discount in our store twice a year – perfect for Holiday shopping!

Short Videos
Each Quarter

Receive exclusive short videos each quarter to inspire your journey and guide you to greater holiness.


Opportunities to
Assist in New Products

Your feedback is valuable, and we are excited to give you a seat in the inner circle as we develop new books and programs for the Church.

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