Professor of Theology

After completing the systematic study in theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Dr. Herrman turned to the Augustinianum: Institute of Patristic Science of the Pontifical Lateran University to focus his attention on the Church Fathers and especially Augustine. He brought together his interest in the early Church and biblical theology with a thesis entitled “Christology in Old Testament Pseudepigraphia.” After completing the License in Sacred Theology, Dr. Herrman returned to the United States and enrolled at the Institute for Philosophical Studies at the University of Dallas. The UD doctoral program’s comprehensive study in philosophy, political philosophy, literature and theology not only richly enhanced the context of his previous study but it also purified some of the concepts and principles that were at the foundation of his theology. In the end, Dr. Herrman produced a work that brought together his interest in patristics, philosophy and theology with a critical examination of the soul in Augustine’s Confessions.

While at UD, Dr. Herrman met and began working for Prof. Douglas Bushman in the graduate degree program in theology called the Institute for Religious and Pastoral Studies. In 2001, Prof. Bushman and Dr. Herrman left the University of Dallas to join the faculty of Ave Maria University. With Prof. Bushman and a host of talented faculty and staff, Dr. Herrman continued to provide graduate level theology to students around the country through the Institute for Pastoral Theology. Then, in 2014, Dr. Herrman left AMU to take advantage of a research grant hosted by the Augustine Institute in Denver focused on the study of pastoral theology. Over the years, Dr. Herrman has taught multiple courses in theology and philosophy at the undergraduate and graduate level and has spoken on a variety of religious topics to groups and organizations around the country.

Theology of the New Evangelization
Theology of St. Augustine

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