Professor of History & Theology | Academic Dean

Inspired by my mentors and fellow graduate students at the University of Notre Dame in the 1990s, my top professional goal has been to contribute to the renewal of Catholic higher education in the United States. My own thinking about Catholic higher education has been shaped by the thought of Bl. John Henry Newman, Alasdair MacIntyre, and Benedict XVI. I wholeheartedly agree with Benedict’s judgment that we are living amidst a crisis of truth and that “the windows must be flung open again” so that we may “see the wide world” and learn from nature and God’s Word what is our origin and true destiny. Through my teaching and writing, I hope to contribute to the recovery of the right understanding of nature as deeply intelligible and beautifully ordered, in a word, as God’s Creation.

Ph.D. History & Philosophy of Science. University of Notre Dame
B.A. Biology. University of Virginia

The Church and Modernity
Faith and Reason
Nature and God
Virtue, Happiness, and the Common Good

christopher.blum@augustine.edu | Phone: (303) 937-4420