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Responding to the call

During the 1993 World Youth Day in Denver, Saint Pope John Paul II called Catholics to a New Evangelization, to renew our commitment to Christ, so that we might live our faith fearlessly and proclaim it to all people. He chose Denver, Colorado to instill confidence among Catholics worldwide that modern society, with all its sophistication and technical know-how, still hungers for Christ!

In 2005, as a response to this call, Catholic scholars established in Denver a graduate school dedicated to transforming Catholic education for the New Evangelization. Since then, the Augustine Institute has become the fastest growing Catholic graduate school in the United States, training our students to proclaim the Gospel with “new ardor, method and expression,” as Saint Pope John Paul II insisted. What began as a graduate school has quickly expanded into a multi-faceted Institute providing strategic disciple-based parish programming and leadership formation to dioceses and parishes across America.

by Dr. Sean Innerst
Co-founder of the Augustine Institute


August 10

World Youth Day

August 10-15, 1993
August 2

Augustine Institute Founded

That’s the day Dr. Jonathan Reyes, Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. Sean Innerst met in Room 117 at the JP II Center and fully envisioned the new Institute.
August 22

Augustine Institute Opening Convocation & Holy Mass

August 23

Augustine Institute Opening Classes

May 19

First Augustine Institute Graduating Class

May 17

2008 Graduating Class

August 9

Distance Education Program Launched

May 23

2009 Graduating Class

May 15

2010 Graduating Class

October 1

Parish Programs Launched with YDisciple

May 14

2011 Graduating Class

June 15

YDisciple Bible Studies Released

August 11

YDisciple Follow Me Studies Launched

November 12

First Nova et Vetera Conference in Denver

February 21

First Annual Prayer Breakfast

May 19

2012 Graduating Class

July 1

New Campus in Denver Tech Center

August 12

Tolle Lege Café Opens

August 12

Opening the Word for Sunday Readings Released

February 12

Second Annual Prayer Breakfast

March 15

Symbolon RCIA/AFF Curriculum Released

April 24

inFORMED Leadership Training Launched

May 11

2013 Graduating Class

January 1

Augustine Institute/Ignatius Press/Lighthouse Partnership Launched

March 4

Third Annual Prayer Breakfast

April 14

2014 Graduating Class

July 13

YDisciple True Strength/True Beauty Released

August 16

Symbolon, Part 2 Released

October 8

Orange County, CA Campus Opened

November 15

Lectio: Peter Released

February 15

Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage Released

February 17

Fourth Annual Prayer Breakfast

May 9

2015 Graduating Class

May 18

Spanish Symbolon Released

July 15

Lectio: Eucharist Released

July 28

FORMED Launched