Director’s Welcome

Join us for a Webinar on Distance Education this Summer!

If you are discerning graduate studies, we would like to introduce you to our distance education program. Each webinar will begin with a short reflection from one of our faculty members on the feast day we are celebrating or another theological topic. This reflection will be followed by an overview of the MA Theology degree, and then you can expect to learn more about how we uniquely do distance education and what you can expect from your experience. At the end we will leave time for all your questions!

All are invited whether you are newly discerning or you are already applying! Please don’t hesitate to email me at admissions@augustineinstitute.org should you want to learn more.

In Luke, the call of the first disciples is characterized by an audacious precursor: Go out into the deep. Simon Peter, after toiling all night, obeys the command of the Lord in an act of humility and catches a great number of fish. We are experiencing this joy and are hearing a continual renewal of our call to be disciples out in the deep. If you are hearing the call, we invite you to respond with us and to not be afraid to go out into the deep.

The heart of our mission at the Augustine Institute is to transform Catholics for the New Evangelization. Our students have unique goals for their degrees. Through our worldwide connections, some of our graduates become teachers, youth ministers, campus ministers, social workers, parish and diocesan lay leaders, consecrated religious, and mothers and fathers, just to name a few. Ultimately all of our students, alumni, and faculty desire to engage the contemporary culture with the mind of Christ and to be builders of His Kingdom.
I would be pleased to help you learn how the Augustine Institute can serve your interests in graduate education and formation for the New Evangelization.

In Christ,

Kathryn Gillette
Director of Admissions

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