YDisciple is an intuitive online platform designed to help parents and parishes work together to reach more teens more effectively with the Gospel. YDisciple offers training, streaming video content, well-crafted leader guides, and more to aid the forming and multiplication of small groups.  YDisciple is not a program.  It is an apprenticeship in the Christian Life.


“Helping my teen form a discipleship group gave me an opportunity to talk with my teen about faithful friends and evangelization. This is just what my teens needed after Confirmation. They look forward to meeting each week, asking questions, and getting answers they can trust. Discipleship gives them a solid foundation as they step into adult life in the Church.”

— Stephanie, parent
Stillwater, MN


“YDisciple gives me as a parish priest the ability to offer high quality catechetical formation through lay leadership. It is is an exceptional model for youth formation at the parish level. The process shows parents how to form their teens as disciples of Jesus Christ and teens are given an opportunity to enter into friendship with Christ and one another.”

— Fr. Jason Buck
Newtown, PA