There is great rejoicing in Greenwood Village, Colorado and around the world as the FORMED platform celebrates the second anniversary of its launch.

The brainchild of three dynamic Catholic apostolates—Lighthouse Catholic Media, Ignatius Press, and the Augustine Institute—the platform was from the first envisioned as a place where the truth of the Catholic Faith could shine forth to all who have access to the internet.

From its initial anchors in the original catechetical programs from Augustine Institute Studios, Lighthouse audio talks, and Ignatius Press books and movies, FORMED has since grown to include selections of the very best Catholic content from many different apostolates. Thanks to the participation of the Marian Missionaries, the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, Sophia Institute, and Catholic Answers—among many others—FORMED has emerged as an essential forum for evangelization, catechesis, spiritual growth, and family-friendly entertainment.

With 3,000 Catholic parishes enrolled and almost 400,000 registered users from every state in the Union and over foreign 100 countries, FORMED is already having a world-wide effect. And it is laying deep roots of community, as parish leaders share their tips for how to get Catholics more engaged in their Faith by using the programs and resources that the platform offers.

Thanks to the successful launch of the iOS app, FORMED is now gaining a foothold in the most widely-used internet-enabled devices, and will soon be available through the Android app and one or more internet-based subscription TV services. Also coming soon is the FORMED Market, which will enable the platform to carry even more excellent content on a pay-per-view basis.

But beyond the number of subscribers and the technological improvements to the site, what is by far the greatest blessing is the knowledge that FORMED is bringing the living water of the Gospel to souls thirsting for Christ.

Here is just a tiny sample of some of the recent message of thanksgiving from subscribers who have watched, listened, or read on FORMED in the last few months:

“My resolve to make it to daily Mass has just more than doubled.”

“I watched this program as part of a Bible Study group assignment, and finally realized that the greatest and most important book to learn in our lives is the Bible.”

“I am moved every time I listen to this talk! Truly there is nothing greater than the Eucharist!”

“This was just the encouragement I needed in my marriage.”

With hearts grateful to God, we celebrate FORMED’s second anniversary and wish it many, many more years of faithful service!