I studied philosophy and theology at Ave Maria College (B.Phil., 2005). Then I joined the inaugural class of the Augustine Institute where I focused on Scripture (M.A., 2007). From there, I went to The Catholic University of America for my doctoral work in Biblical Studies (Ph.D., 2013). In addition, I recently earned an additional degree from the Pontifical Biblical Commission (S.S.B., 2014). I came back to the Augustine Institute as a faculty member in 2010 and have enjoyed teaching here ever since.

I have a passion for Scripture and I love helping Catholics read, pray, and understand the Bible. We have such a rich treasury in God’s word and yet so much of it remains unexplored by so many. I want to help other drink deeply from Scripture as a source of spiritual sustenance. In particular, I am deeply interested in the oft-overlooked texts of the Old Testament. I wrote my dissertation on the characters in the Song of Songs and in my research, I continue to explore the fascinating details of this biblical book and many others. I write regularly on my blog,, and at I have written introductions to every book of the Bible, hosted at Catholic News Agency. You can also find me on my new YouTube channel, on my podcast, or on Twitter.


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