Emissary Program

The Augustine Institute Emissary Program aims to create communities of volunteers in parishes who help to engage and ignite the faith of parishioners and support the pastor in his vision to win the world for Christ.

The Emissary Program equips and inspires this team of missionary disciples with prayer, training, and resources so they can help parishioners better understand, live, and share their Catholic Faith.

The Augustine Institute also supports the Emissaries' personal spiritual growth with Masses and Prayers from over 75 Religious Cloisters, a free subscription to FORMED and the Lighthouse Talks Download of the Month Club.

We invite the Emissaries to pray and support the Augustine Institute with their time and talent and join the Mission Circle.


With a commitment of just 30 minutes a week in prayer and service you can make a difference.


There are many ways to evangelize at your parish: sharing FORMED, CDs and books, leading small groups and accompanying in Sacramental Preparation. We can help you find a role that matches your gifts.


Become a monthly supporter of the Augustine Institute by joining the Mission Circle.

Emissary Benefits

• Prayer Support - Masses Offered for You!
• Free FORMED Individual Subscription
• Free Monthly Audio Download
• Access to Exclusive Weekly Webinars
• 10% off at Catholic.market
• Membership in the Mission Circle

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  • Tom Andry

    "Being an Emissary for the Augustine Institute provides me with the opportunity to share with and learn from Emissaries in all parts of the country. We are able to pray with and for one another, offer tips on what is working well at our home parishes and develop strategies to improve our evangelization. As an Emissary we have developed into a band of brothers and sisters who deeply feel the mission of the Church to "go into the whole world and spread the good news.”

  • Michael Fay

    “Knowledge of the Catholic faith isn’t enough. In order for knowledge to nourish the body of the Church it must be broken down and sent forth as directed by the Holy Spirit. Emissaries do not provide knowledge, rather they are like enzymes guided by the Holy Spirit sent to breakdown the food of knowledge to help nourish the body of the church. How rewarding it is to have even a small role in all this good work.”

  • Marybeth Finster

    “Being an Emissary has brought joy in discipleship like I never imagined. St. Paul says it is a race and we must persevere. Being in Communion with other Emissaries encourages, supports and brings Christ to me in so many unexpected ways.”

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