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On May 6, forty-nine students graduated from the Augustine Institute’s Graduate School of Theology. The graduates of 2017 mark the 10th class to graduate from the Augustine Institute. Eighteen distance students and sixteen on-campus students gathered in Denver to participate in the commencement exercises. Numbered among the graduates were students from 9 different states, two priests, a deacon, and a Daughter of St. Paul, as well as lay men and women working in almost every apostolic capacity imaginable. All in attendance were blessed to have Archbishop Aquila presiding over the Graduation Mass at St. Thomas More and to hear a commencement address from Mrs. Mary Rice Hasson of the Catholic Women’s Forum. While the Graduation Mass and Commencement was the focal point of the weekend, students local and from afar were surrounded by the hospitality of the Institute, including a festive reception hosted at the Augustine Institute Campus after Graduation, a morning of reflection on Friday with Prof. Douglas Bushman, as well as a dinner with the President, Dr. Tim Gray, on Thursday. One student remarked that the whole weekend “was like a retreat.” Another noted her gratitude for the backyard BBQ hosted at the president’s home, saying that meeting the family members of her fellow students gave her the chance to pause and reflect on the quality of relationships she has here and the care the professors have for the lives of the students. From teaching to parish ministry, diocesan leadership and youth outreach, the graduates have many plans to use the formation they have received at the Augustine Institute at the service of the Kingdom.