As an integral part of living the Catholic faith, the Augustine Institute strongly encourages students to participate in Mass on a daily basis. To help accommodate the busy schedule of AI students and staff, as well as those who work near the Augustine Institute, we offer a noon Mass in the Augustine Institute’s chapel, located on the second basement level (B2).

From Fr. Riley:

God Bless You All… And I have a favor to ask you!

During the next two weeks, from Monday, June 18 through Friday, June 29, Augustine Institute students will be traveling to Denver from all across the country—and some from other parts of the world for our intensive courses. In the space of five days, they’ll be covering an entire semester’s worth of material.

Daily Mass is an essential element of the AI experience, and these students want to be here. But there are so many of them—and so many of you—that they can’t even get in, and thus end up in the hallway or missing Mass altogether.

I’m asking if, during the next two weeks until the end of June, you would attend daily Mass in your own parishes so that these students may fully participate in the AI experience.

If it’s a noon Mass you need to attend, there is a 12:15 p.m. Mass at Risen Christ, 3060 S. Monaco Pkwy, Denver 80222 (about 10 minutes from here), and a 12:10 p.m. Mass at Mother of God Parish, 475 Logan Street, Denver 80203 (about 20 minutes from here).

Please be considerate during these next two weeks and allow our brothers and sisters in Christ to make the Mass an integral part of their time of study with us.

I’d be very grateful, and they would be too.

On Monday, Jul 2, things should be back to normal, and you’re most welcome to join us again.

Thank you, and may God reward you for your consideration, courtesy, and charity.