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City of God Seminar

June 21-23, 2018

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Seminar Description

The City of God, according to St Augustine of Hippo, has to be understood “both as it exists in this world of time, a stranger among the ungodly, living by faith, and as it stands in the security of its everlasting seat” (City of God 1.preface). Drawing especially on the wisdom of St Augustine, this course pursues a deeper understanding of our condition and calling as those who seek to “live by faith” in the context of secular modernity. What are the unspoken premises, questions, and longings that shape the worldviews of contemporary Americans? What principles and practices are needed for Christians to respond credibly to those worldviews and to live in a manner commensurate with their heavenly citizenship (cf. Philippians 3:20)?

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Course Instructor


John Sehorn, Ph.D.


An integrated experience of study, prayer, and fellowship with fellow seekers of wisdom.

Seminar-style discussion

Daily Mass, plus other communal prayer

Hiking the Colorado Rockies


The City of God Seminar Scholarship covers costs for registration, housing, and transportation during the seminar. Attendees will be responsible for the costs associated with travel to/from Denver, required books for the seminar, and incidentals (snacks, spending money, etc).

The application period will close on Sunday April 15.