Fall 2016 Orange County Course Offering

This course focuses on one of the most famous and influential theologians in the Catholic tradition, Thomas Aquinas. We will study Thomas’s “five ways” to argue for God’s existence, as well as his answer to the question, “How can an all-good, all-powerful God allow evil in the world?” We will also discuss Thomas’s understanding of how we can speak about God, God’s own nature as knowing and loving, as well as Thomas’s conception of other characteristics of the God.

Book Review: True Leadership

  Review of True Leadership, published by the Habinger Institute for Catholic Leadership at the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota (Sophia Consulting, LLC, 2015; 183pp.).  Reviewed by Derek Rotty (Augustine Institute, 2015). Another book on leadership?  Is it really necessary or beneficial?  Haven’t all the effective techniques and qualities of great leaders been hashed and…