We started the Augustine Institute to help Catholics understand, live, and share their faith. The Church is in a time of crisis. Purification needs to happen among our leaders and teachers. We need authentic transformational education.

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The Church Needs Zealous Disciples

In the midst of the current serious struggles in the culture and the Church today, we cannot despair, we cannot walk away. You and I must be those zealous disciples who have the strength of heart to witness the truth with love to the world. Help us at the Augustine Institute to strengthen individuals, families, and parishes by extending the reach of our FORMED digital platform so that the Church may be renewed to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

You can help us create dynamic faith-filled content that will serve to build up the faith of many. Our work is critical, but it is not inexpensive. We need your help. Donate now and you can be a partner with us in sharing the Faith with over 700,000 registered FORMED users, serving countless Catholic families and parents seeking to hand on the Faith to their children. We send out one of our programs to over one hundred convents each quarter in order to beg them for their prayers for our mission. We also have a Mass offered for each parish that registers on FORMED. Will you too join us in prayer this Advent and Christmas Season?

We urgently need your help to spread the work of the New Evangelization across the globe. Please join us in our mission by donating today! With your donation you will receive one of our wonderful gifts.

Help us Support Important Catholic Tools like FORMED

Our FORMED Digital evangelization platform now has over 750,0000 users and growing. We recently encouraged parishes using FORMED to watch a new program on the Eucharist, Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist.

Augustine Institute Studios has produced many award-winning videos, but this may be our best production yet.

Any Catholic who watches Presence will be renewed in his or her love for our Lord and the gift of his Real Presence in the Eucharist. In the few short months since the release of Presence, there are already over a thousand amazing testimonies on the FORMED.org digital platform. Here are just a few examples:


"I’m using my parish’s account to learn more about the Faith on FORMED.org, and it’s such a blessing. This series on the Eucharist inspires me to praise God for His goodness."
– Anonymous from Missouri

"Wonderful Explanation!

I can't wait to receive my next Communion."

— Gigi

FORMED Provides Faith for the Whole Family

FORMED is a digital platform that has content for all ages, children to adults, and all backgrounds, with content for beginners and those who want to dive deep. One of the animated children’s videos we have, Brother Francis, has an episode on the Bread of Life discourse. Here is a comment from a father:

Some of the most popular items on FORMED are our audio dramas, which individuals and families love. Here is one mother’s testimony about our audio on St. Francis of Assisi, which just won the Best Audio Drama of 2018 at the prestigious Audie Awards:

"After 4 weeks of the discourse of the Bread of Life, enjoying this with the twins was amazing, they had seen it at school before and they had comments and questions... AMAZING!!! Thank you, Jesus."
– David, St. Faustina Catholic Church, TX

"I loved it and my children ages 4 to 12 loved it. We listened to it in the car and often the children would tell me to keep driving because they enjoyed it all so much. They imagined the audio drama in their minds and were taken by the teachings. My eldest prays for such fervor as St. Francis now, it awakened something in her heart. Thank you for making this available to us."

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