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June 20 to 24

intensives-pix-lehman-blumTheology 722 Catholic Education: Ends, Principles, Means

Professors Christopher O. Blum and Jeffrey S. Lehman

(also available via Distance Education)

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This course offers students an opportunity to reflect upon the ends and principles of Catholic education and also to begin to inquire into the means, that is, the practices and tools, of the craft of teaching. This reflection will be nourished by the writings of some of the most notable educators in the Catholic tradition: especially Bl. John Henry Newman and St. Thomas Aquinas, but also contemporary Catholic educators, including St. John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Alasdair MacIntyre. Significant attention will be paid to the contemporary challenges—moral, intellectual, institutional, and cultural—besetting the renewal of Catholic education.

Dr. Christopher O. Blum is Professor of History and Philosophy and Academic Dean of the Augustine Institute.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Lehman is Director of the Arts of Liberty Project ( and Assistant Professor of Education at Hillsdale College.

intensives-pix-mortensonTheology 622   St. Francis de Sales & the Love of God

Dr. John Mortensen

This course offers a close examination of the spiritual theology of St. Francis de Sales, with an emphasis on the practicality of his teaching about the pursuit of holiness for the laity. The course will be built around a careful reading of the Introduction to the Devout Life, which will be supplemented with passages from de Sales’ letters, his Treatise on the Love of God, and selections from the writings of other spiritual masters, including the Carmelite Doctors and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Dr. John Mortensen is the President of the Aquinas Institute ( and Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Wyoming Catholic College.

June 27 to July 1

intensives-pix-staudtHistory 502    The Church and Modernity

Dr. R. Jared Staudt

This course examines the progress of the City of Man and the City of God during the last six centuries, with an emphasis on the emergence of secular modernity as a successor culture to Latin Christendom and on Catholic responses to modernity. Each section of the course treats an important Catholic—typically a saint—in comparison to a significant rival to Catholic life or thought. Figures studied include Luther, St. Ignatius, Descartes, Bl. John Henry Newman, St. Thérèse of Lisieux, and St. John Paul II.

Dr. R. Jared Staudt is Director of the Program in Catholic Studies and Assistant Professor of Theology at the University of Mary.

intensives-pix-checkTheology 762 Nature, Sexuality, and the Civilization of Love

Rev. Paul N. Check

One of the greatest challenges for evangelization, catechesis, and pastoral care today is the constellation of issues surrounding sexuality and sexual identity. This course will examine whether chastity is part of the Good News of Jesus Christ and why. The course will equip students to engage issues related to sexuality in a principled manner—thoughtfully, charitably, and effectively—in their teaching and apostolic work. Major topics include: the contemporary climate of opinion on the subject of human nature and sexuality; analysis of the principles of nature and of faith governing sexuality; some of the related pastoral needs of our time, with a focus on homosexuality and the authentic pastoral care of men and women with same-sex attraction; gender identity and transgendered persons; the spiritual dimensions of the crisis.

Fr. Paul N. Check is a priest of the Diocese of Bridgeport (CT) and the Executive Director of the Courage Apostolate (