The audit option is available to students who wish to audit graduate courses for purposes of personal enrichment or continuing education credits. On-campus auditors attend and participate in classes, but do not complete course assignments or receive a grade. Distance education auditors may watch class lectures but do not complete course assignments or contribute to course discussions.

The cost to audit a course is $800 (or $775 if paid by cash/check).  Occasionally, course offerings will feature a special discounted audit price.  An additional On-Campus Activity Fee of $50 if applicable is the course offering is taken on-campus in either Denver or Orange County.  Once registered to audit the course, the Student Billing Office will contact you about the payment due.

The form below is to request to audit an upcoming course through the Augustine Institute.  The course availability for audit students depends on the total class size; priority is often given to credit-seeking students.  After submitting this form, the Registrar will contact you to confirm your enrollment to audit the course.

To learn more about upcoming courses to audit, view the Course Schedules and Academic Calendars on the Student Center webpage.  You may contact the Chris Oravetz at with any questions.

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