Sacred Scripture is the “speech of God,” which we read at every Mass. It is the foundational text of our faith. The Church promotes the teaching and study of the Bible at every level. From illustrated Bible stories for children to advanced Bible study classes for adults, learning about God’s Word is part of learning our faith.

Yet when many Catholics start reading the Bible, they come across many passages that are not just difficult to understand, but seem to challenge the very faith we profess. It is tempting to avoid these “dark passages,” but explaining them correctly when Catholics have questions is an important responsibility for those involved in faith formation.

The new book, Light on the Dark Passages of Scripture by Dr. Mark Giszczak goes after some of the toughest questions about the Bible:

  • Does God kill people?
  • Does God want people to kill people?
  • What about child sacrifice?
  • How do we explain the suffering of the innocent?
  • Is our God primarily focused on justice or mercy?
Event Date

Friday, April 8 | 6pm

Event Location

Augustine Institute
6160 S. Syracuse Way
Greenwood Village, CO

Event Details

Lecture & Reception
Book signing
Open to the public
Free admission

About the Speaker

Dr. Mark Giszczak

Dr. Mark Giszczak (“geese-check”) is Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture at the Augustine Institute, where he has been on faculty since 2010. Dr. Giszczak has participated in many evangelization projects and is the author of the blog. He has written introductions to every book of the Bible that are hosted at  In his April 8 lecture, he will outline some of the themes of his new book, Light on the Dark Passages of Scripture, and show how some of these tough questions about the Bible can be explained and reconciled with God’s loving and merciful nature.

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