Augustine Institute audio dramas capture the power and passion of the most compelling stories on the best theatre screen there is: your imagination.

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More than just a man who loved nature and animals, Francis of Assisi lived a tumultuous and astonishing life. As the son of a wealthy merchant, he knew splendor. As a young soldier, he encountered suffering. As a victim of war, he began a search for inner-meaning that would tear his family apart and redirect his life. As a holy beggar, he embraced lepers, challenged a Pope, debated a Sultan, and shook his world to its very core.


A ten-part audio drama that captures his power and passion on the best theatre screen there is: your imagination.


Help the world hear the real
story of St. Patrick!

The Trials of Saint Patrick tells the dramatic story of how a kidnapped slave risked his life to become a champion of the Christian faith to the outer-reaches of the Roman Empire. With the Augustine Institute Radio Theatre’s high-quality acting, cinematic sound design and musical score, the much-loved Saint Patrick will be seen in a fresh new light.

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Upcoming Titles

The Trials of Saint Patrick  (coming March 2017)

Quo Vadis?  (mid-2017)