November 14, 2019

New MA Theology Concentration in Sacred Scripture

The Church has continually reminded us that the study of Sacred Scripture is the soul of Theology. At the Augustine Institute, the study of Sacred Scripture is a central pillar of the program, and this new concentration is a deepened response to the Church’s call to engage Scripture more fully. The Second Vatican Council called for a renewed study of Sacred Scripture, and most recently Pope Francis released an apostolic letter promoting a Sunday of the word of God. This is part of the Church’s pastoral initiative for Catholics to ready, study, pray, and listen to the word of God as a fundamental part of their spiritual lives. In this new concentration, students will have the opportunity to engage biblical texts guided by the light of Catholic tradition. We hope graduates of this program will promote biblical literacy among Catholics across the nation. The new program will include further study of Hermeneutics, the Old Testament, the New Testament, teaching Scripture for Evangelization, an optional MA Thesis, and a capstone pilgrimage to Jerusalem. This program is available to both on-campus as well as distance students.

You may learn more about the new MA Theology concentration in Sacred Scripture here.