2017 IRPS-IPT Reunion: “To Know, To Love, To Serve”

Join us in Kansas City!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. In celebration of this event, the IRPS-IPT alumni invites you to join us at the Savior Pastoral Center in Kansas City for a joyful, edifying reunion retreat. The weekend will be unified under a theme to mark the anniversary: To Know, To Love and To Serve.

The reunion in Kansas City is coordinated in conjunction with the Center for Theological Renewal at the Augustine Institute and is expected to begin at 3:00pm on Friday afternoon, June 30th, and go until 1:00pm on Sunday afternoon, July 2nd. Presentations will be tailored to graduates who value the instruction of Professors Bushman, Herrman, and Nguyen. This event is offered as an invitation to ongoing theological, spiritual, and pastoral aggiornamento. We envision a number of subjects that are sure to be of interest to our former students, such as: the Catechism of the Catholic Church after 25 years; deepening the Theology of the New Evangelization; FAQs on Canon Law; and the Continuing Relevance of an Integrated Theological, Spiritual, and Pastoral Education.

The registration for this reunion will entail room, meals and conference fee.

Questions? Email tpherrman@outlook.com or call 480-390-4369.

Event Date

June 30 – July 2

Event Location

Savior Pastoral Center

12601 Parallel Parkway

Kansas City, KS 66109




Prof. Tim Herrman

Center for Theological Renewal



Registration is Open