Welcome Packet

Welcome to the Augustine Institute! Now that you have confirmed your attendance, the following information will help you get started. If you have any questions about the information outlined below, please contact Maggie Smith. We look forward to seeing you in class soon!


Everything You Need to Know About the Enrollment Process/Registration

Everything You Need to Know About Course Registration

  • In order to register for courses, you must first confirm your attendance with the Director of Admissions. After confirming your attendance, you will receive the links to register as an on campus or distance education student. Confirming your attendance does not automatically enroll you in your courses.
  • You will then receive log-in information for NetClassroom, where you will register for your courses. If you have questions regarding which course to take, please contact the Director of Admissions. Your username/password and NetClassroom instructions will be sent to you prior to the start of the term.
  • After registering, consult the book list and Welcome Packet to prepare for your course(s).
  • Once you’ve registered for your course(s), your bill will be generated by our Student Billing Office. To access your billing information, refer to NetClassroom, the student portal for tuition, final grades, etc. Statements will be available approximately one month prior to the start of the term.
  • Mark your calendar for the tuition payment dates: January 17th, February 17th, and March 17th. You will not be sent a reminder and late payments will result in an additional fee.
  • Within the first few weeks of your course, you will be sent a link to Canvas, the portal for your Augustine Institute courses. Be sure to login to Canvas and set up your account; you’ll need to upload a picture, download the syllabus and articles, etc.

Please send all questions about this process to Maggie Smith at 303-937-4420 x110 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Everything You Need to Know About Student Billing

Everything You Need to Know About Billing

  • Bills are not generated until a student has successfully registered for class. To register, please contact Maggie Smith, who will guide you through the registration process.
  • After registration, a bill will be generated approximately one month before the start of class. You will receive an email from the Student Billing Office to notify you of the availability of a new statement on NetClassroom. You will also receive information regarding payment submission from the Billing Office.

What if I don't receive a statement before the start of class?

Late applicants/ late registrants may not receive a statement before the first day of class. In the event of this happening, please email Student Billing.

When are payments due?

For the spring 2014 semester, payment is due on January 8. If you use the payment plan, tuition is due on January 8th, February 8th, and March 8th. Reminders are not sent, so please mark your calendar.

Does my enrollment in graduate school automatically defer my undergraduate loans?

No. The Augustine Institute does not currently participate in any federal funding programs. This impacts students in two ways: 1. They are ineligible for federal funds to cover AI tuition. 2. Undergraduate loans are not automatically deferred. Students should contact their lenders for information on their specific situation.

Are there other opportunities for financial aid?

Yes; On-Campus students are eligible for institutional financial aid in the form of scholarship and student loans. Interested applicants should contact the Admissions Office. Due to the discounted Distance Education tuition rate, financial aid is not available to distance students.

Please contact Student Billing with questions about billing/payments. Questions about On-Campus scholarships/financial aid should be directed to Maggie Smith.

Master Course Rotation

Spring 2014 Course Offerings

Spring 2014 On Campus and Distance Education Course Offerings

Spring semester begins January 13, 2014 and ends April 10, 2014

Course NumberCourse NameInstructorCreditsDayTimeLocation

Core Curriculum:

HIST 501 Evangelization of Ancient World Blum 3 Wednesday 2-5pm STUDIO CR
HIST 504 Crisis of Modernity Staudt 3 Thursday 2-5pm STUDIO CR
SCRP 501 Salvation History Giszczak 3 DE ONLY N/A N/A
SCRP 502 Jesus & the Gospels Sri 3 Monday 2-5pm STUDIO CR
SCRP 504 Pauline Literature Giszczak 3 DE ONLY N/A N/A
THEO 501 Fundamental Theology Therrien 3 DE ONLY N/A N/A
THEO 502 The Creed Innerst 3 Tuesday 2-5pm STUDIO CR
THNE 503 New Evangelization and Culture Staudt 3 DE ONLY N/A N/A
THEO 504 Moral & Spiritual Theology Therrien 3 Tuesday 6-9pm STUDIO CR


THEO 725 John Paul II Theology Bushman 3 Monday 6-9pm STUDIO CR


Fall 2013 On Campus Intensive Course Offerings

Course NumberIntensive CoursesInstructorCreditsWeekTimeLocation
THNE 725-1 The New Evangelization in the Life of the Church R. Martin & Sri 3 Jan.6-10,2014 M-Th
Fri 8:30-11:45
THNE 725-2 The History & Theory of Christian Discipleship Gray & Beckman 3 Jan.6-10,2014 M-Th
Fri 8:30-11:45
THNE 725-3 The Challenge of Secularism Blum & Staudt 3 Jan.6-10,2014 M-Th
Fri 8:30-11:45

Student Center

AI Student Center: What is it?

All AI students should frequent the Student Center for general communication regarding academics, student life, and job opportunities.

  • Academic Policies: Student Handbook and Graduate Bulletin
  • Academic Forms: Course Registration, Add/Dropping courses, Course Withdrawal, and MA Program Checklist
  • Important Scheduling Information: Course Offerings and Master Course Rotation
  • Helpful Videos: DE Information videos, Writing Seminars, Balancing Life as a Graduate Student, AI Mission
  • Directory of who can help with your student needs

Who should you contact with questions?
Questions regarding the Student Center should be directed to the Main Office at 303-937-4420.

Everything You Need to Know About Student Information Systems

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

  • On-campus student Orientation will be held January 12, 2014.
  • Distance Education Orientation will be held January 13, 2014. Distance Education students will receive a link to the live-streamed Orientation as we approach the date. You will be welcomed by President Dr. Tim Gray, Academic Dean Dr. Chris Blum, and members of our Academic team.
  • For Distance Education students, an Orientation video will be available in August for the new DE 2.0 delivery platform. You will also be instructed on how to navigate Canvas and NetClassroom.

Who should you contact with questions? 
Maggie Smith, Admissions

Arriving in Denver

  • If flying and in need of a shuttle from Denver International Airport (DIA), please contact Maggie Smith. We will be happy to arrange transportation for you.


Student Housing

Student Housing: Where will I live?

  • On-campus students interested in living with AI roommates should complete the Housing Preference form.
  • Based on compatibility/living preferences and availability, students will be matched to houses near the school.
  • Augustine Institute students have the option to live in a more intentional household environment. This consists of students who share meals, prayer, and fellowship in a common rule of life. If you are interested in this community, please complete the bottom section of the Housing Preference form.

Who should you contact with questions?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Admissions

Arriving in Denver

If flying and in need of a shuttle from Denver International Airport (DIA), please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will be happy to arrange transportation for you.

Student Affairs

Join Facebook Group

Things to do in Denver

Things to do in Denver

Archbishop Lecture Series

Every month, the Archdiocese of Denver hosts a guest speaker to come to Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary and give a presentation about various Catholic topics. Many of these guest speakers will meet separately with students at the Augustine Institute to give an additional presentation and provide a question and answer session.

Theology on Tap

“Theology on Tap is a great opportunity to for young adults to meet in a comfortable setting to explore the Faith and how it affects our lives. Every Theology on Tap offers you a chance to get your fill on an engaging topic and fellowship with a room full of young adults—all at a great bar and grill.” (Archdiocese of Denver Website)

Catholic Young Adult Sports

“Catholic Young Adult Sports provides recreational sports leagues in Denver for those 18-39 years old.” (CYAS website) catholicyoungadultsports.com

Vigil Praise led by Denver Seminarians

The seminarians in the Archdiocese of Denver invite all young adults to join them once a month for Vigil Praise at Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary. Vigil praise includes Divine Office prayer, Eucharistic adoration, and confession. For more information, visit Archdiocese of Denver .

Writing Assistance/Study Help