Summer 2013 Distance Education Course Offerings

Course Number Course Name Instructor Credits


PHIL 500D Introduction to Philosophy TBA 3
THEO 500D Introduction to Graduate Study of Catholic Theology TBA 3

Core Curriculum:

THEO 502D Dogmatics: The Creed TBA 3
SCRP 503D Johannine Literature TBA 3
SCRP 504D Pauline Literature TBA 3
THEO 503D Mystagogy: Liturgy and Sacraments TBA 3
CATE 606D Principles and Methods of Evangelization and Catechesis TBA 3
HIST 504D The Dividing of Christendom and the Renewal of Christian Culture TBA 3


SCRP 606D New Testament Topics: Romans TBA 3
SCRP 604D Themes of Biblical Studies: Mariology TBA 1

Summer 2013 On Campus Intensive Course Offerings

Course Number Intensive Courses Instructor Credits Week Time Location
THEO 503 Mystagogy: Liturgy and Sacraments Dr. Sean Innerst 3 June 03-06 8:30-4:30PM STUDIO CR
THNE 725 Eucharistic Spirituality and the New Evangelization Dr. Tim Kelly 3 June 17-20 8:30-4:30PM STUDIO CR
THNE 725-3 Rome Seminar (Pilgrimage to Rome) Dr. Edward Sri 3 May 20-28 All Week Rome