Student Life

Orientation and Convocation Mass

At the beginning of every academic year, the Augustine Institute hosts an orientation and dinner for all new on-campus students. The faculty covers topics such as the mission of the Augustine Institute, the importance of maintaining healthy academic and spiritual commitments, and institutional policies.

Please refer to the Student Center's Calendar for dates.

Convocation Mass

The Convocation Mass is a ceremonial beginning to the student’s life at the Augustine Institute. During this Mass, students prepare for the academic, spiritual, and personal formation they will receive from the Augustine Institute in order to carry out the Church’s mission, and faculty members renew their oaths of fidelity.

Daily Mass at the Augustine Institute

As an integral part of living the Catholic faith, the Augustine Institute strongly encourages students to participate in Mass on a daily basis. To help accommodate the busy schedule of AI students, Father Riley offers a noon Mass and a 5:50pm Communion Service every day in the Augustine Institute’s chapel.

Mass times will be sent to all students weekly by email in the AI Student Newsletter.

Mountain Get away

Every year the faculty members at the Augustine Institute take the AI students on a weekend retreat in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. During this time, students have the opportunity to share in fellowship, communion, activities, and prayer with the faculty and other students.

Please refer to the Student Center's Calendar for dates

Culture Events

Events include movie nights, weekly Sunday brunch, literature readings, musical events, and other cultural events either hosted internally or attended in the Denver area.

Men’s & Women’s Group

These two groups meet monthly to savor friendship, explore culture and engage in spiritual discussion. Trips are also taken into the mountains and other places of interest. To learn more, contact Dr. Jared Staudt.

Weekend Trips

Throughout the year, several faculty members at the Augustine Institute host weekend trips for students. These trips include traveling to monasteries, convents, and various Catholic shrines around the neighboring states.

AI/FOCUS Football

In the spirit of friendly rivalry, the Augustine Institute faces off each fall on the flag-football field against the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). Students are encouraged to contribute their athletic prowess or spiritual intercession for the team.


Households provide an opportunity for students to pursue holiness through the joys and challenges of communal life. Households entail more than shared living space—they embody the members’ desire to walk in fellowship, support one another in love, and center their daily lives on the sacraments. Members commit to times of prayer, shared meals, fellowship, and the responsibilities of maintaining a home.

Recommeded Home Rental websites are DU Home Rentals and DU House Rentals.

Denver Catholic Activities

Archbishop Lecture Series

Every month, the Archdiocese of Denver hosts a guest speaker at Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary to give a presentation about various Catholic topics. Many of these guest speakers meet separately with students at the Augustine Institute to provide an additional presentation that includes a question and answer session.

Theology on Tap

“Theology on Tap is a great opportunity for young adults to meet in a comfortable setting to explore the Faith and how it affects our lives. Every Theology on Tap offers you a chance to get your fill on an engaging topic and fellowship with a room full of young adults—all at a great bar and grill.” (Archdiocese of Denver Website)

Catholic Young Adult Sports

Catholic Young Adult Sports provides recreational sports leagues in Denver for those 18-39 years old. For more information:

Vigil Praise Led by Denver Seminarians

The seminarians in the Archdiocese of Denver invite all young adults to join them once a month for Vigil Praise at Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary. Vigil praise includes Divine Office prayer, Eucharistic adoration, and confession. For more information, visit