Augustine Institute Faculty: Jared Ortiz, Ph.D.

Jared Ortiz

Jared Ortiz, Ph.D.



Patristic Theology, especially St. Augustine


PhD, Catholic University of America
MA, Catholic University of America


Dr. Jared Ortiz hails from Hopewell Junction, New York where he was a wayward and impious youth. He entered the University of Chicago as a bright, but confused agnostic, open to the truth, but without any clear idea of what the truth might be. Through the reading of Great Books, he slowly returned to his childhood faith. After college, he spent two years living in community in voluntary poverty while teaching in an inner-city Chicago Catholic school. He left Chicago to pursue a Masters degree in Liberal Arts from the St. John's College Graduate Institute. He went on to study Patristics at the Catholic University of America where he received an MA and a PhD. He wrote his dissertation on creation, deification, and liturgy in St. Augustine's Confessions. He is currently assistant professor of religion at Hope College. He is happily married to Rhonda, an aspiring writer, with whom he has one mischievous son, Benedict.

Recent Publications

“The Deep Grammar of Augustine’s Conversion,” Studia Patristica (Forthcoming 2013).

“Creation in the Confessions.” In St. Augustine, The Confessions: Ignatius Critical Editions, edited by David Vincent Meconi (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2012).