Experience Dynamic Orthodoxy:
The Graduate School of the Augustine Institute

On campus in Denver or Online


A Curriculum ordered to Evangelization:

  • Three courses in Sacred Scripture that teach you how to bring the Word of God alive.
  • Three courses in Catholic Doctrine that prepare you to give a reason for the faith within you.
  • Three courses on the history and theology of evangelization to spur you to mission.
  • Three elective courses that allow you to hone your special theological or pastoral gifts.

A Faculty distinguished for Scholarship and Ecclesial Service:

  • Tim Gray (Scripture) President of the Augustine Institute.
  • Edward Sri (Theology) best-selling author and host of Symbolon.
  • Douglas Bushman (Ecclesiology) long-time director of the Institute for Pastoral Theology.
  • Pia de Solenni (Moral Theology) blogs regularly at www.moraltheologian.com.
  • Sean Innerst (Sacraments & Liturgy) author of the Pillars series (Ascension Press).
  • Mark Giszczak (Scripture) author of Unpacking the Old Testament at www.catholicexchange.com.
    ...with Jim Beckman, Christopher Blum, Tim Herman, Michel Therrien and others.

An Institute putting Dynamic Initiatives at the Service of the Truth of Christ:

  • Over 200 alumni serving in parishes, dioceses, apostolates, and schools throughout North America.
  • Over 250 current students, many of whom are already active in works of Evangelization.
  • Symbolon is revitalizing adult faith-formation in over 3,000 parishes worldwide.
  • YDisciple is reinventing youth ministry with its adult-led small-group formation approach.
  • Week-long intensive programs bring students and top guest faculty to Denver.
  • Lectio Bible Study, Ad Gentes News & Commentary, and more . . .