Making the Sign of the Cross on the Road

Taken from CatholicCulture.org
By Dr. Jeff Mirus

Making the Sign of the Cross on the Road
Dr. Jeff Mirus

Dr. Jeff Mirus of CatholicCulture.org comments on Professor Christopher Blum’s translation of St. Francis de Sales, On the Sign of the Cross:

My wife and I are in the midst of an experiment. Earlier this year I put a bed in an old Ford van and made a few other modifications for convenient work and travel at very low expense. Last Friday we set off to visit some of our far-flung children and one or two national parks. The theory is that a reasonable amount of work will be possible under these circumstances, so that we can be gone for three weeks without coming anywhere near to taking three continuous weeks off—and without spending much, except on gas.

Having just cleaned up from the Great Virus Attack of 2013 on Thursday, I was ready to leave by Friday afternoon. One of the books I took with me was St. Francis de Sales’ The Sign of the Cross, newly published by Sophia Institute Press, which is drawn from the third section of the great saint’s Defense of the Holy Cross of our Savior Jesus Christ. This was St. Francis’ extensive answer to Protestant attacks against his very effective reconversion of the Chablais region of Switzerland under the pressure of Calvinism. It was first published in 1600.

I suppose I make the Sign of the Cross as frequently as anyone—at the beginning and end of prayers, with holy water, when passing a church or cemetery, as a quick invocation of the Holy Trinity in challenging moments, and of course when particularly reflecting on the need for God’s blessing for myself, my family, my friends, CatholicCulture.org donors and users, and correspondents. Reading St. Francis de Sales on this subject, arguing against the iconoclasm of the Reformers, is at once inspiring, entertaining, warm, comfortable and very Catholic.

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